Tinplate Tiger Lyrics & Downloads

Links to original lyrics for around 90 songs featured on six solo albums recorded by Tinplate Tiger between 2014 and 2019. Free downloads/streams of all songs are available beside each lyric. The downloads are intended for personal use only.

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Let Myself Go

More new songs written in 2020 for Tinplate Tiger solo album number 8.

Searching For A Place To Land

Seaching for a place to land album cover

Middle Distant One

Middle Distant One album cover thumb

Face The Sun

Face The Sun Album Cover

Confessions Of An Alien Chimp

confessions of an alien chimp album cover

Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

Dreaming Of Wild Horses

Lost My Mind In The Lizard Lounge

lost my mind in the lizard lounge



Tinplate Tiger also wrote lyrics for 14 songs on the Easy Tigerz album Two-Headed Tattooed Lover Girls, released by the Western Star record label. The words and music on this album are copyright of Department X publishing.

Two-headed Tattooed Lover Girls

Two-headed tattoooed lover girls